Lamy Z50 Replacement Steel Calligraphy Nib

Rs. 1,200.00
By Lamy

Nib Size
Calligraphy nibs are also known as cursive or italic nibs. Rather than having an iridium ball, they have a straight, flat tip. This permits the writer to create a script with different stroke weights – perfect for beautiful penmanship.
Calligraphy nibs (Z50) available sizes: 1.1 mm / 1.5 mm / 1.9 mm.
Suitable for all LAMY models, except LAMY 2000.

Brand: Lamy
Sub-brand: Lamy Nibs
Colour: Silver
Trims: Silver
Body Material:
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Colour: Chrome
Feed Material:
Nib Size:
Cap Type:
Filling Mechanism: