Krishna Inks Fountain Pen Flush


The inks in the Krishna Super Rich Series are a bunch of bold, vivd & happy colours. These saturated colours are sure to add happiness in your life. The iBlack 4 is our blackest black yet!

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Krishna Inks is the brainchild of Dr. Sreekumar a medical professional by day and a connoisseur by night.

He brings his passion from his younger days, when he would grind and turn fountain pens long before the era of the ball pen. Drawing inspiration from his Master Mr Ramachandran of Calicut Dr.Sreekumar started making fountain pen inks in 2010. What started as a hobby is today his passion. Dr.Sreekumar a believer of the Make in India campaign hand makes these inks at his workshop in Kerala, India also known as Gods own country!

Maintenance is an important routine for a fountain pen enthusiast. Krishna pen flush is a special cleaning system developed for flushing and cleaning the ink debris accumulated in your pens capillary channels over long period which can effect the over all performance.
For normal routine flushing, add 5 drops to 100ml.  Use this solution for the final flushing during your routine pen cleaning.

Fill the pen with this solution just like you fill the ink and keep for several hours before the final flushing.

Soak the section in this solution over night.

For stubborn stains, add upto 15 -20 drops to 100 ml and soak.

Solution is reusable if no significant colour change occurs after the use.

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