Fine Writing International Golden Armour Fountain Pen

Rs. 12,750.00

Nib Size
Note: The nib is a steel coloured nib - not golden.
Fine Writing International is one of Taiwan's finest pen store. They make limited release pens under the FWI brand.
The Fine Writing International Golden Armour fountain pen holds a luxurioius brass cap, section and end knob. Although heavy, it is well balanced and a pleasure to use. The design is based on Chinese armour, carefully engraved on the cap, which is round, and has two small knobs on the cap to prevent it rolling off the desk. The acrylic body of the pen is virtually unbreakable.
Using either the converter (provided) or standard cartridge the Fine Writing International Golden Armour is convenient to fill. For those wishing to use its massive 4ml ink capacity, it can also be used as an eyedropper.

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