Click Renaissance Fountain Pen Sky Blue JoWo

Rs. 3,500.00
By Click

Renaissance literally means re-birth, it was a period of feverish advancements in a number of fields including art, culture, economics and politics. Click has  created  tribute pens to the great masters of the Renaissance. Click has created three tribute pens to the great masters of the Renaissance and are calling them da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.
Ink filling : 3 in 1 cartridge, convertor , eye dropper (click piston convertor + 2 long cartridge included)
The pen is completely handcrafted with chrome & gold plated appointments. All Click Pens have classic designs with a modern twist!


  • Capped Length: 147 mm
  • Diameter of Body: 14 mm
  • Length of Cap: 71 mm
  • Diameter of Cap: 15 mm
  • Length of Grip: 16 mm
  • Diameter of Grip:10 mm
  • Length of Body: 127 mm
  • Nib Length: 21 mm
  • Weight of Pen: 18 grams

Brand: Click
Sub-brand: Click Renaissance
Colour: Blue
Trims: Silver
Body Material: Acrylic
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Colour: Chrome
Feed Material:
Nib Size:
Cap Type: Screw On Cap
Filling Mechanism: Converter