Epitome Fountain Pen Inks Rose Red 35 ml

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By Epitome


Red is a beautiful colour that adds brightness to our life in all ways, symbolising passion and energy in the truest forms! From the blood within our body to the human emotion of love, red completes our world. Nothing is as beautiful as penning down your thoughts with a shade of red ink!  The Epitome Rose Red is not one of your regular reds with a light or a dark shade, rather a culmination of the typical reds, it's a bright and vibrant shade which represents artistry in its truest sense!

The ink swatch is the best representation of the colour. The ink bottle is packaged in a jute bag which can be used to store the bottle easily. It is shipped securely to ensure a phenomenal customer experience.

Note: The ink is stored in a glass bottle, please use the glass carefully and open the bottle at a stationary position.

About Epitome 
Epitome Pens began as a quest to provide the perfect fountain pen to the world. They found that among thousands of fountain pens available, there was something missing in each of them and there was no perfect fountain pen for hobbyists. This led to the founder, Vinamra Tapadiya to start a pen company that would deliver fine writing to each and every individual of the community whilst providing them an experience like no other. Thus, the name, Epitome was adopted and our company was born.
Today, the Epitome Pen Company is an Indian fountain pen brand manufacturing handmade fountain pens with  exquisite care and intricate detail. Each pen is designed with aesthetics and ergonomics, keeping in mind the industry standards. The products are manufactured under the guidance of industry experts with research at its core. Through their products, they believe in spreading the love of the world’s finest writing instrument - the fountain pen. This company is led by a young leader, Mr. Vinamra Tapadiya aged just 17!

Brand: Epitome
Colour: Red
Body Material:
Nib Material:
Nib Colour:
Feed Material:
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