Jinhao 9019 Fountain Pen Heart Beat Nib Dark Blue - Medium

Rs. 799.00
By Jinhao


Discover the elegance of the Jinhao 9019 Fountain Pen, where beauty meets functionality. Adorned with a captivating heart beat nib and boasting an excellent glossy finish, this pen stands out with its lovely design. Considered one of the prettiest fountain pens available, the Jinhao 9019 combines aesthetic appeal with exceptional performance, promising a writing experience that is as delightful as it is refined.

This 9019 features a beautiful heart-beat nib.


Brand: Jinhao
Sub-brand: Jinhao 9019 Dadao
Colour: Blue
Trims: Gold
Body Material: Plastic
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Colour: Gold
Feed Material: Plastic
Nib Size: Medium
Cap Type: Screw On Cap
Filling Mechanism: Converter
Postable: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Amar Banerjee
Jinhao 9019 fountain Pen Heart beat nib Dark blue medium

Really surprised to see such a well built pen at this price point. The heart beat nib is also very smooth.