JoWo Steel Nib Unit #6 - Gold Plated

Rs. 1,400.00
By JoWo

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The history of the JoWo goes back to the year 1852. The company started out as the first German manufacturer of steel nibs & today powers some of  the best fountain pen brands in the world!

JoWo Compatible Brands:
Note: Sometimes manufacturers change their nib designs and suppliers and JoWo nibs might not fit them anymore. Please be sure your pen is JoWo compatible before ordering.

Brand: JoWo Nibs
Sub-brand: JoWo Nib Unit #6
Body Material:
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Colour: Gold
Feed Material: Plastic
Nib Size:
Cap Type:
Filling Mechanism:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mathew Varghese
Amazingly smooth nib

I use a Jin Hao X450 fountain pen as my daily writer. I wanted a smoother nib and therefore purchased the JoWo #6 nib from "The pen world". The new JoWo nib writes smoothly and literally glides on the paper(good quality that i use) with little effort. Reverse writing is not as good as the Jin Hao nib, but that is unnecessary. Overall i feel that i have stepped up my fountain pen game with this purchase. In case i buy another pen with a steel nib, i am sure that i will look for one with a JoWo nib or get a JoWo nib separately. In my opinion since most reliable and famous fountain pen manufacturers use JoWo nibs for their pens i believe it is a gold standard for a steel nib.

Rupam Shee
JoWo #6 Gold Plated Nib review

I have fine,medium,broad. All three. Also black broad nib. I found black broad better than gold broad. Do not know why but may be the black coating does the trick. Secondly, initially did not liked the gold plated nibs. If you check the slit looking straight at nib tip you will see the cut not straight.Thus there was some feedback/scratchy feeling at a perticular angle. One is straight another is slightly bend. Also the ink flow was not consistent. The JoWo feeder is flexible but somehow i was not getting the ink flow i needed. After many trail and errors, i have come up with this combination which works for me. 1- kanwrite heritage+kanwrite ebonite feeder+jowo #6 medium works excellent. My understanding - the extra ink flow due to ebonite feed reduces the feedback/scratchy-ness. 2. Click aristrocrat half ebonite nib case/house + jowo fine + jowo feeder works perfectly. May be the house made the trick. 3. Generally the broad nib was fine. Using it with Asa Maya. However i switched the feed with generic #35 feeder we get with click or kanwrite. I found its working better. My overall finding (only my thought. May differ from person to person)- Although JoWo feeder is flexible, a small misalignment with the nib and feed may cause tines to move up or down. This may be because the steel at the tines or overall JoWo nibs are thinner( thus flex a bit more than Bock). The generic indian feeders/click house removes the extra stress between the feed nib and case. I wish pen world brings the black nibs soon. Want to test medium and fine with gold plated ones. Also pls bring bock and schmidth nibs also. What ever Bocks I have may be fine tuned by the pen brand or based on company requirement.