Magna Carta Bock Compatible Nib Unit Beige Ebonite Feed #6 Chrome

Rs. 750.00

Nib Size
These nibs and feeds are manufactured in some of the most advanced nib unit manufacturing facilities. One thing that sets these nib units apart is that both the feed and the nib housing a made of machined ebonite guaranteeing extraordinary flow and exceptional quality.
Note: The nibs fitted on these units are Magna Carta Nibs.
Magna Carta is widely regarded one of India's most advanced pen and nib makers. They are a family run business with eight members from one family engaged in the creation of state of the art pens and nibs. Each pen and nib that they craft, not only bears their tender loving care, but is also backed by their honour, individually and as a family, for they believe in staking our reputation in every piece that they create.
Feed & housing colour: Beige
Nib Colour: Chrome

Bock Compatible Brands:
Note: Sometimes manufacturers change their nib designs and suppliers and Bock compatible nibs might not fit them anymore. Please be sure your pen is Bock compatible before ordering.

Brand: Magna Carta
Sub-brand: Magna Carta Bock Nib Unit,
Body Material:
Nib Material: Titanium
Nib Colour: Titanium Grey
Feed Material: Ebonite
Nib Size:
Cap Type:
Filling Mechanism: