Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen Graphite Blue

Rs. 850.00

Nib Size
The Platinum Prefounte Fountain Pen builds on the legacy of the legendary Platinum Preppy Pen. The beauty of the sturdy stainless steel nib is brought out by polishing.
The pen won't dry out even if the cartridge is installed for one year, due to Platinum's "Slip Seal" cap mechanism. You can experience smooth writing from the start. Its sturdy nib and ability to keep refilling will allow you to keep the pen for a long time.
One ink cartridge is included.

Brand: Platinum
Colour: Blue
Trims: Silver
Body Material: Plastic
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Colour: Chrome
Feed Material:
Nib Size:
Cap Type: Snap On Cap
Filling Mechanism: Cartridge