TWSBI VAC 700R Fountain Pen Iris

Rs. 9,900.00

Nib Size
After 50 plus years as an OEM manufacturer for different global brands, Ta Shin Precision decided to start selling under their own brand, and thus TWSBI was born.
TaShin Precision has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing with plastics and metals. Early products ranged from toy lego parts to high end writing instruments. This knowledge trickles down into every product TWSBI has to offer.
TWSBI is one of the most loved modern pen brand!
Now with even more consistent ink flow when valve is opened.
Simply pull up, push down and your ink is filled, ready to go.
Vacuum filler type fountain pen.
Also designed with a ink shut off valve for easy carry and no spill mess

Brand: TWSBI
Colour: Transparent
Trims: Silver
Body Material: Acrylic
Nib Material: Steel
Nib Colour: Chrome
Feed Material:
Nib Size:
Cap Type: Screw On Cap
Filling Mechanism: Vaccum Filler